Horsham’s Kings Head needs to be restored as hotel

I DO AGREE with editor in chief Gary Shipton’s view that The King’s Head in Horsham should be restored as a hotel.

It would offer wonderful luxury accommodation; in the centre of a vibrant town; for a huge client base. With the price of hotel rooms today, it could not help but be a potential goldmine.

I also like his views about present and future restaurant growth. If you think there are too many, then try a late booking on a Friday: all full!

I even like the exotic mix. I am all in favour of a vindaloo after six pints of lager; fish, in batter with chips, in newspaper; and pasta, on toast from a tin marked spaghetti hoops.

However, there is one type of restaurant missing in Horsham. Ideally, it opens at 07.00, offering rashers of thick back bacon, eggs, like golden jewels, tinned tomatoes, red and gleaming, with dry fried bread, crisp on the outside, soft and white in the centre. All served with dark brown Yorkshire tea you can stand a spoon in.

Lunch is soup, brown, thick, with a dash of sherry, meat pie with gravy and cabbage, followed by suet pudding with lots of jam and currants.

At 4pm, the menu changes to more delicate teas, toasted crumpets, cakes and for the more robust, boiled eggs, Welsh rarebit or sardines on toast.

Pièce de resistance is dinner. Patè, or a seafood starter with cockles, followed by beef, slightly pink, roast potatoes, cauliflower, with a rich red claret, or a pint of Horsham’s excellent beer. Then treacle tart, good English Cheddar, Wensleydale or perhaps mature Stilton with a glass of vintage port.

This would be the pinnacle of Horsham’s gastronomic offerings. Please help!


Haybarn Drive, Horsham