Horsham recycling scheme - ‘remarkably successful’

I AM SURPRISED at the continuing criticism of Horsham District Council’s refuse and recycling scheme.

It seems some people never travel outside our district, or if they do they must keep their eyes shut.

With the relentless pressure to increase recycling and the need to keep costs down it seems to me that HDC has been remarkably successful. We do not have to negotiate the plethora of different baskets and bins inflicted by some councils; our simple mixed recycling scheme couldn’t be easier.

We don’t have to use unsightly plastic bags which attract vermin. And we still have weekly collections.

Yes, the wheelie bins can be difficult and unsightly in some of our narrow Victorian streets with limited access and small gardens, but the problems are nowhere near as great as those caused by on-street parking.

Yes, there have been teething problems with the new refuse vehicles but what new technology doesn’t suffer these?

So, instead of carping about minor issues, let’s congratulate the council for its foresight and ourselves for our high level of recycling.


Old Denne Gardens, Horsham