Horsham mystery good Samaritan

WE ARE always hearing of the bad stuff that happens around the world and often lose sight of the good in people. However, an amazing event happened earlier and I needed to share it.

My children and I had sat in Horsham Carfax in the sun on Saturday April 9 while we had our lunch. We then left there, went back to the car park and drove home... nothing astounding yet I hear you say.

We had been in around ten minutes when a man we had not seen before came to our front door.

‘Mrs Cavallo?’ he asked, confused and a little anxious now I said ‘Yes?’.

‘Here’s your purse, you left it in the Carfax, I’m sorry I had to look through it to find your address’.

I was completely dumbstruck - I hadn’t even realised it was gone. The amazing man had gone out of his way to come to my home and return it. I said thank you but sadly didn’t ask his name so I’m unable to tell you all his identity.

There were cards, cash, telephone sims and gift cards in my purse, apart from the monetary side. For the inconvenience, stress and worry he saved me I am so very grateful.

Thank you again to the mystery man who came to my aid.


Holly Close