Horsham ‘must have’ more infrastructure before more homes are built


Horsham District Council tells us ‘how lucky we are’ that Legal & General will be building the 2,750 new houses in North Horsham.

LUCKY? Let’s do the maths... 2,750 x 4 people per house = 11,000 more people who will be needing a) GPs b) Dentists c)Schools d) Hospital treatment /ambulance callouts e) Policing.

Didn’t the council read the BBC reports recently, about Horsham doctors’ leaders being shocked that we are the ‘second worst area’ in the whole of England for having the most patients per GP?

There has been precious little said about the TOTALLY NECESSARY infrastructure we MUST HAVE before any more homes are built in the South East.

We are now at saturation point in our ‘local’ hospital, East Surrey. GP appointment times are now so long people either die or get well eventually before they can get to a doctor! Dentists’ NHS lists are closed, schools can’t afford to operate at their best due to the constant cutbacks.

Thousands of new houses will require more policing, yet our existing police are subject to cutbacks too.

Then there is the fact that each of these new homes will no doubt have two cars each, so there will be a minimum of an extra 5,500 on our local roads... more road use = more potholes, more accidents, more traffic jams etc.

As an ‘older’ resident I am very glad that I won’t be around in ten years’ time when everything really WILL ‘hit the fan’ unless the government and local councils realise that enough is enough.

Why is all the new housing being built in the South? We are full up here - how about building further North, for our children and grandchildren’s sake?

H. Ashby

Greenfields Road, Horsham