Horsham Football Club should not move

FURTHER to recent letters regarding Horsham FC, the club’s financial problems since the mid-seventies started when the Football Association abolished the distinction between amateur and professional footballers.

Up to that time Horsham FC was solvent and free from debt but when football went ‘open’ the club began to get into debt.

Unrealistic ambition coupled with mounting losses incurred over the years eventually forced the sale of the Queen Street ground.

As a member of Holbrook Club I am opposed to the idea of selling part of the ground to fund the suggested move to Hop Oast for the same reasons given by Mr Woodhatch (Letters, June 9).

Given the club’s track record, it is unlikely that the move to Hop Oast would solve the underlying problem of raising sufficient income to keep the club solvent.

I believe Horsham FC should make the most of the excellent facilities at Holbrook even if it means playing at a lower level of football.


Undermill Road, Upper Beeding