Horsham FC- ‘could be community owned’

AS A SUPPORTER of both Horsham FC and Lewes FC, would it not be worth considering following the lead of Lewes FC and making the Hornets a community-owned club.

By selling membership shares this could encourage the local people to become more involved, thereby also raising much needed funds.

Of the games I watched at the Dripping Pan this season, Lewes had gates of 700-900 despite being relegation candidates for most of the season.

There was always a family atmosphere with bands playing, and penalty shoot-outs between local organisations, and lots of family fun. Something that is missing with Hornets FC at Gorings Mead at the moment.

We really need to get the gates back to the numbers of three to four seasons ago, for the success of the Hornets in the future.


Orchard Close,

Haywards Heath