Horsham district bus service cuts are ridiculous

JPCT-09-08-11 SC11321024a Horsham Bus Station - photo by steve cobb
JPCT-09-08-11 SC11321024a Horsham Bus Station - photo by steve cobb

I am writing on behalf of my 79-year-old sister who has lived in Brooks Green since 2000, does not drive, likes to be independent but is unable to walk too far these days.

In 2000 there was an hourly bus service Monday to Saturday, this was subsequently reduced to every two hours, then reduced even further to four buses daily ( three on a Wednesday). The new timetable reduces the bus service even further!! Two buses on a Monday, three buses on a Tuesday,Thursday, NO buses on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. How can this be called a bus service?

It is difficult enough to get doctors, dentists, opticians, hospital appointments without having to fit in with bus timetables. Taxis are too expensive for most pensioners and some do not have friends and family to call on for help.

We are all encouraged to be using public transport more to get cars off the crowded roads and cut down on pollution etc so this reduction in bus services is ridiculous. We urge those concerned to have a serious rethink, there must be a better solution!!

Dorothy Hubert

Arundale Mews, Pulborough