Horrified at demolition proposal

HORRIFIED, shocked, unbelievable were some words that I have used to describe the proposal to demolish the leisure centre.

The facility of the Tube is the only one in a very large area and while the track is no longer the number one facility in the area due to K2, it still serves a wide area both within and beyond Horsham district.

It seems that the proposal wishes to condemn a whole generation of potential athletes to never experience the sport of athletics.

Very few parents will want to transport children to Crawley so we will see less opportunities for children in Horsham district and probably an increase in obesity.

While the main building may need a significant cash injection to maintain it this is not the case for the track.

Why does the whole facility have to be removed or is this to create more land for housing and car parking which the council will benefit financially from?

Are councillors listening to the residents of Horsham and what they desire or not?

This is a popular facility - I don’t recall being consulted on its future!


Kempshott Road, Horsham