Horrified at bowls proposal

I am the match secretary of Horsham District Indoor Bowls Club and was horrified to see the prospective plans for the new proposed six rink bowls facility.

Some of our members use our club to meet friends, play bowls for a couple of hours and to socialise.

However, for the greater majority, playing in internal leagues, competitions and matches against other clubs is why they have joined our club.

It is critically important to the wellbeing of our club that the support functions (restaurant, changing rooms, club office etc) mirror our existing facilities.

Unless the prospective plans are radically altered to include an appropriately sized restaurant, proper changing facilities, office space, then there will be no matches - clubs are not going to come to Horsham if they are unable to have a meal within the club when they arrive and then have a two-course meal when the match has finished.

These are standard requirements of an indoor bowls club.

It was reported this week that Horsham District Council would have to ensure that it gets the right businesses to occupy the current site otherwise it could turn out to be a ‘pink’ elephant.

Unless it listens to the concerns of the board members of my club the council will be building a ‘white’ elephant.

I’m afraid that despite Mr Chowen and the other councillors having the benefit of an excellent submission from our club which argued (predominantly on financial grounds) that it made more sense to retain the existing facility, this has been ignored.

Little reason has been given for moving our bowls club, and any indication that the councillors who voted for the new plan understand the basic requirements of an indoor bowls club, is clearly absent.


Rough Way, Horsham