Help with Christian Aid

CHRISTIAN Aid Week took place this year between May 15-21, and in the Horsham area involved the Anglican churches of St Mary’s, St Leonard’s, Holy Trinity, St Mark’s, St John’s Broadbridge Heath, together with St Andrew’s and London Road Methodist Churches, the United Reformed Church, the Society of Friends and for the fifth year All Saints C of E Primary School.

Over 11,000 Christian Aid envelopes were delivered by over 97 collectors to 145 streets, in Horsham and Broadbridge Heath.

The total from the combination of house-to-house collections and special events, ie coffee mornings, cake stalls, church collection and a quiz, was £8,313.24. This total should increase as a gift aid element has yet to be added, and was a slight increase on last year’s £8,307.61.

A quiz was held by St Mark’s Church, the evening was great fun, raising £180.00. A poster highlighting the amount raised be displayed in The Centre Christian bookshop.

The money given by the kind people of the town was an increase on last year and wonderful considering the economic climate: 2010 - £8,307.61; 2009 - £9,279.57; 2008 £13,130.15; 2007 - £11,564.97; 2006 - £9,749.93; 2005 - £10,251.70; 2004 - £10,031.62; 2003 - £9,580.54.

On behalf of Christian Aid I would like to thank all who took part in this year’s Christian Aid Week. I would like to pay a special tribute to those who have hung up their co-ordinators’ hats, some after over 25 years’ service, Barbara Lunn of London Road Methodists, Margaret Withyman of St John’s RC and Gordon Humphrey of St Mary’s.

May I welcome our three new co-ordinators, Liz and Brian New of St John’s Broadbridge Heath, Val Cummings of London Road Methodists, and Alison Carre and Sue Franks of St Mary’s who stepped in with only a matter of weeks before the start of Christian Aid Week.

A lot of work goes into delivering and collecting the envelopes, with those involved giving freely of their time.

Should any of your readers or indeed other churches in Horsham wish to become involved with Christian Aid Week, I would be glad to hear from them and can be contacted at the address below.


Horsham Christian Aid co-ordinator

Midsummer House

5 Avebury Close, Horsham