Heartless charge will hit vulnerable

So HDC wants to introduce a back door addition to the council tax which Central Government has said it cannot increase?

Has the council sought approval for this from Central Government? Has our local MP been informed so he can prepare for the flood of complaints?

Will this unapproved INCREASE in household charges be subject to Housing Benefit adjustments?

Bear in mind the NUMEROUS people in the HDC area that are either pensioners or already scraping the barrel on some benefit or other. Notwithstanding the income from the recycling that is already in place and if it’s NOT covering its own costs WHY NOT?

For HDC’s interest has it ANY idea as to how little an increase the elderly and disabled have received from Central Government?

Now while most of us understand the ‘austerity’ cuts and for the most part reluctantly agree, we have to put up with the council SNEAKING a backdoor increase in like this, it is HEARTLESS to people already suffering with limited means.

I am sure cuts could be made elsewhere - like that ‘statue’ or whatever you want to call it at the end of West Street that is always (specially in the winter) going wrong or being switched off because of freezing weather etc.

CUTS if needed Yes - back door pricing increases NO.


Church Road, Horsham