Hazards from deer crossing

Some weeks ago you had an article about the dangers of deer crossing the A264 between Horsham and Crawley and I think it was said that there weren’t enough accidents to warrant fencing.

Well, during the wet weather in July, one evening, my son hit a deer and it sent his car spinning across the central reservation and he ended up facing the wrong way on the opposite carriageway.

Luckily nothing was coming and he managed to turn the car around and pull into the side of the road.

Recently it was my turn and on the same stretch of road between the Bewbush and Pease Pottage roundabouts a deer ran out from the dark edge of the road and straight into my nearside headlight.

I was lucky and there was no-one following close behind me and the road was dry. I skidded but managed to get the car back under control.

These two collisions happened in less than two months and in my view demonstrates the need for something to be done before a collision occurs where the outcome is very different!


Heath Way, Horsham