Harbour body receives no grant

I read with interest the comments made by Mr Symonds (letters, West Sussex County Times, October 25).

There are some clarifications which might be helpful to readers; Chichester Harbour Conservancy does not receive an annual grant from West Sussex County Council.

We are a ‘precepting authority’ and as such have the power to instruct another local authority to collect an amount of council tax on our behalf - in the same way that police and parish towns work together.

Both West Sussex and Hampshire county councils provide this funding to fulfil their responsibilities to conserve and enhance this nationally important landscape and area of international importance for nature conservation.

Our management plan (which is widely consulted in its preparation) shows how this work is achieved in great detail.

With the impact on the local economy in mind, the support given to us by our army of volunteers and the ‘Friends of the Chichester Harbour’ ensures we keep costs down to an absolute minimum and without the enormous local volunteer support we receive we would be unable to fulfil our duties.

For over 40-years we have welcomed visitors from all demographics and geographic areas and we look forward to continuing our work in Chichester Harbour for years to come and for the benefit of the next generation.

Should you wish to know more about the work of Chichester Harbour Conservancy, please visit http://www.conservancy.co.uk.


Director, Chichester Harbour Conservancy, Harbour Office, Itchenor, Chichester