Hall is a town centre jewel

Things are really looking up for the people of Horsham town! Thirty-eight years after its formation, Horsham District Council has, on the word of the good lady appointed, ‘a new cabinet position with responsibility for Horsham town’.

We must all wish Helena Croft well as she takes on this very daunting challenge.

The future of Horsham Town Hall is high on her agenda. She writes that a new restaurant on the site will bring ‘the whole Market Square back to life’.

To those of us who have lived in the town for several years it is apparent that two major changes have taken place in Market Square in recent times.

One is a large increase in the number of restaurant seats available in the vicinity, the other is the closure of the Town Hall.

It defies logic to suggest that adding yet another restaurant will bring the area ‘back to life’.

The Town Hall has hosted many charitable, musical, arts-related and a miscellany of other functions in the past and could do so again for the benefit of the district as a whole.

Let us hope that the councillors will be able to put aside all personal and party bickering and recognise the Town Hall as the jewel that it is.


Chesworth Lane, Horsham