Guns are no playthings

I WAS intrigued to read the article about the shop in West Street, Horsham, selling BB guns and what are known in spaced out society as ‘bongs’ and so I went to see for myself.

It was all true and I’m not surprised district councillor Laurence Deakins had received complaints from some of his constituents.

The garishly coloured plastic bongs so beloved of ganja, grass or hash smokers were all on display, together with two faintly Arabic hookahs.

Having worked abroad for many years, I have been constantly surprised by what goes on in Britain these days and am now stunned by what is going on in Horsham. In a number of the countries I have lived in, a shop selling bongs would have been closed and its proprietors hauled of to the chokey.

As for the BB guns! If these are only on sale to over 18-year-olds, who is so infantile to want to fire small plastic pellets at anything or anyone?

Guns, as any grown-up knows, are designed to kill and are not play things. Are these mythical aged 18-plus people fantasising about killing? How healthy and mature!

I know of a number of 12 to 13-year-old kids who play with these things and indeed have BB gun parties.

These guns are dangerous if fired at someone not wearing a face mask. They will take an eye out.

We expect kids to play at cowboys and Indians and similar games but not with potentially dangerous toys.

Thankfully, now that we have more Conservative councillors in the town, common sense will prevail and these items be removed from a shop in the main shopping street of our peaceful and not spaced out town.


Spencers Road