Great stress for the genuinely ill

We are concerned for some people in Sussex with ME and other seriously debilitating conditions that are being put through assessments by a government contracted company with a view to pushing many into work.

These harsh assessments are often being carried out by employees with little medical knowledge who then frequently refer ill and disabled people on to the JobCentres where they are put through interviews.

From the JobCentres a lot are then sent onto another contracted company that runs work programmes where pressure is often applied.

It is important to be aware that many of these people have illnesses and disabilities that vary and fluctuate some of whom may appear fairly able at a good time but can be seriously debilitated and even bedbound for other long periods. Physical and mental functioning in patients such as these is often short lived and cannot be sustained for any useful length of time.

The drive to provide people on long-term benefits with a route back to work is causing great stress to those who are genuinely ill and this is having a seriously adverse impact on their health.

Having a complicated long-term illness is distressing enough without being put through hoops and landed with the burden of proof to gain one’s entitlements.


Sussex ME Society, PO Box 309 Brighton BN50 9FR