Graveyard rules apply to everyone

I am very upset with the recent coverage over St Mary’s Church, Pulborough, and the graveyard. I have always bought the County Times and love the local news, but the coverage over this has been very one-sided.

Firstly I feel that the blame has not been aimed at Chichester Diocese, which in fact sets the rules, but our church and especially our vicar Father Paul Welch. This I feel is very unacceptable.

I have lived it Pulborough all my life (42 years) and have been a regular churchgoer. We have had a few vicars in that time and Father Paul has been the best vicar we have had in 22 years.

Pulborough, when I was younger, always had a great community feel to it, which got lost for a while. I feel Father Paul has brought this feeling back into the village.

He tries to get to know everyone in the village and does the best for as many as he can, but like every job he has rules he has to follow, which are set by the Church of England and Chichester Diocese.

I lost my father 18 months ago and Father Paul was very supportive and caring, as I feel everyone who has had bereavement will agree with me. We had my Dad’s ashes buried at the church and had a stone put in place, but like everyone else who has any stones placed at the church we had to follow the rules and conditions about the stone and what we can have on it. I had no problems following this as I understand it is a public place and WE ALL have to follow rules.

I want to stress these rules are for everyone and so therefore not discriminating against anyone else. Please look into all sides and you will find I will not be the only person with these views in the village.


Codmore Hill, Pulborough