Grant for Dial Post hall

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IN RESPONSE to your article ‘Battle over Town Hall £40k grant’, dated June 9, as a Registered Charity, Dial Post Village Association raised £380k to build the new village hall in Dial Post.

It was built on time and on budget, it is now nearly fully booked and everyone who uses it says it is probably the best village hall in West Sussex.

Some of the events held at the hall are table tennis, pilates, badminton, zumba, dance classes, early dementia day club, short mat bowls, bingo, tumble tots, to name but a few.

There was nothing unfair about our grant allocation, it was above board and all in the open. Our district councillor found out that HDC had funding available and our funding committee applied straight away.

Just because our councillor and our funding committee are very switched on does not mean it is unfair, anyone could have applied for the grant. If the Blue Flash Music Trust had been as switched on it may have got the grant.

Without the grant from HDC our hall would not have been built because it would have taken us some time to raise the £40k and some of the grants already promised had time limits on them and we would have lost them.

If the County Times had bothered to get in touch with the Dial Post Village Hall Association (DPVHA) we could have shown him what the grant was spent on.


Chairman, DPVHA

Worthing Road, Dial Post