Good service from a range of Fords

I was interested to read Simon Robb’s article on owning a Ford Capri, as over the last 50 years my husband and I have owned between us two Anglias, seven Cortinas, a Granada, two Sierras, two Escorts, three Focuses, a Mondeo and two Fiestas.

Some of them were old but I beg to differ that old Fords are notorious for breaking down as Simon says, not if you look after them properly. We never owned a Capri, for some reason my husband didn’t like them, in races they were called the Hairy Capri for their speed.

Apart from a Vauxhall Nova which I had from new, it was a gift which I loved, I have always had Fords and now on my second Fiesta I wouldn’t drive anything else.


Manor Fields, Horsham