Gold medals

If I had any gold medals I would award them to St Richard’s Hospital, Chichester. I was recently diagnosed to be suffering from cancer. The news that I needed a hysterectomy left me very frightened indeed.

However from day one through all the tests and scans and during and after the operation itself, I have been treated with such kindness and indeed loving care, that I did not have time to feel frightened.

A few days after my discharge from hospital, I received a telephone call from a senior nurse to see how I was getting on and encouraging me to keep going. A day or so later I had a telephone call from the surgeon himself to check how I was and to talk to me about what happens next. At the age of 85 years I am so grateful to Miss Tipple and all her team, who in my view are all gold medal stars. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


The Juggs, West Chiltington