Giving away our birthright

SIXTY years ago Queen Elizabeth II acceded to the throne of this war-ravaged country.

Half a million of her would-be subjects had perished in the fight to preserve the long-standing traditions of this country as a bastion of freedom in Europe.

Her father, King George VI, had seen us through the threat to these traditions from Nazi Germany, and upon her accession she swore an oath to her subjects, to govern us ‘according to our laws and customs’, such as the Bill of Rights, Magna Carta, and the Common Law tradition reaching back to Alfred the Great and beyond into the mists of history.

Since then she has repeatedly broken her Coronation Oath by signing treaty after treaty which place us under the totalitarian rule of unelected officials in a foreign country.

She has thrown away everything our forebears fought and paid so dearly for.

She has betrayed her people by giving away our birthright and that of generations yet unborn.

And for that we are asked to celebrate?


Curzon Avenue, Horsham