Give market traders a chance

I have been supporting Crawley Market since it was in Orchard Street and have seen it’s demise over the years due to Crawley Council who in my opinion should have transfered it to Queens Square when the old site closed. Today takes the biscuit.In Queens Square ,there was a French Market.

I asked one of the stall holders there if he was French and he said no and there is no such thing as a French Market anymore because they can’t take enough money. Maybe only two stalls were French out of about 15.

Why won’t the council allow our traders to work the Queens Square on Fridays and Saturday.

I spoke to several traders in the High Street and they are all annoyed about the so-called French Market. Why allow traders in Queens Square to duplicate the traders in the High Street ,which were a green grocer, jewellery stall and a bag stall.

This so unfair. So come on Crawley Council, give our long standing, long suffering,market traders a chance to work where there a lots of people,and not let traders who trade under a false named market .

Richard Walters, Horsham