Get real and build

JOHN Baugh is so right (Letters April 12) to criticise those NIMBYS who live outside Horsham who are fighting development in their precious villages. Just who do they think they are?

In fact I do not think he goes far enough. The aim surely should be to expand Horsham to include the villages and hamlets of Faygate, Colgate, Mannings Heath, Monks Gate, Nuthurst, Maplehurst, Copsale, Southwater, Barns Green, Billingshurst, Broadbridge Heath and Warnham so that we can rival our near neighbour, Crawley.

Like Crawley with their Bewbush, Broadfield etc, we could, as a sop to the traditionalists, retain the names of these places as districts of our lovely new area and the council tax generated would enable the redevelopment of the inner ring of the Carfax to bring much needed commerce into our town.

A new burger outlet, another supermarket and of course more major clothes and electrical outlets to bring us even more of those items manufactured so cheaply in the Far East and China. We could call it ‘The Mammon’ and I suggest it could be surrounded with about a dozen scaled down replicas of our beautiful Shelley Fountain to remind us our rich heritage.

The longer term aim of course would be to create an urban link with Crawley. Of course there will be controversy over the renaming of this development as ‘Crawlsham’ but we cannot use ‘Horley’ as that lovely place already exists though ‘Horshley’ may be a possibilty.

As for those who moan emotively about the destruction of farms and ‘green’ spaces - well they ought to get real.

There is plenty of rainforest still to be cut down in South America to convert to farmland so that settles the beef and wheat question and of course our new conurbation will be generously provided with astroturf football pitches, so that takes care of the green issues.

Water? No problem. A new bylaw to be enacted allowing only plastic flowers in gardens and there will be plenty of the bottled stuff supplied by our neighbours in Scotland and France.

I do not suppose many people realise that if we cut down most of our trees it will decrease the bird population which often leave their droppings on our cars so we will not have to wash them so often. Water saving and ecologically sound.

Bring it on, I say, and perhaps then we’ll get the desperately needed second runway at Gatwick!


Woodfield, Southwater