GACC concerns are no longer valid

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Your letters

I’ve read the repeated claims made by Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign over the past few weeks about how any expansion of Gatwick will blight the homes of many and cause price crashes and appearing to show the ‘new’ flight paths.

In the July 18 County Times they appear to be repeating some of this in their advertisement on page 76.

I can ignore their rubbish no longer. Like the councillor writing in your letters page a couple of weeks ago, I question who GACC actually are these days and who they represent.

Yes, if you are under the final approach path of any new runway or live in Langley Green you can expect to notice a difference.

However to indicate others across our area will have new flight paths above them is just false.

I have attached the flight paths taken by aircraft arriving in to Gatwick during summer 2011, as published on Gatwick’s website.

If you compare these flight paths with what GACC are calling new you will struggle to find any difference. It isn’t new, they are already doing it.

Yes you probably will get some extra flights but not over new areas expanding the noise footprint.

Aircraft follow a standard route until roughly the final turn on to whichever runway they are going to be using.

I attach an approach chart from Heathrow which illustrates this. The main approach to Gatwick is pretty much a straight line from Mayfield followed by a left turn. I’d expect any new approach for a new runway to be much the same but with a different final turn.

I’ve attached the Gatwick chart showing the current route.

As well as being inaccurate in what they tout as new impacts, they also ignore the basic facts of life that aircraft are substantially quieter than they were.

Back in the days of the 1960s and 1970s when GACC started out they had a point.

However we now have stage 3 noise compliant aircraft in place. Tridents, 727s, early 737s and 747s, 707s, 1-11s, Tristars etc have all gone.

In addition we now have another new breed of even quieter aircraft coming through.

The B787 and A380 are all another stage on, add on to that new Embraer and Bombardier C series aircraft which are predicted to be another class altogether. Even Airbus and Boeing are introducing their New Engine Option and MAX types respectively for the A320 and 737 series. All have far better performance than previous engines and aircraft.

Yes we might expect more aircraft but the chances of more disturbance from this are far less than GACC suggest.

I’d almost question whether their advertisement last week was a misleading one to be referred to Advertising Standards Authority.

If anyone is thinking otherwise, yes it will affect me. Many aircraft arrive directly overhead where I live.

GACC had valid points 30 years ago and have served their cause well. However I’d suggest it is time they retired.


Montpelier Gardens, Washington

Editor’s note: the attachments referred to in this letter can be viewed via Gatwick’s website.