Further traffic misery looms

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The pros and cons of dropping a large housing development into the small rural community of Thakeham as the price for keeping the village mushroom farm have been fiercely debated for a number of years. Now, however, the plans have been approved by the district council and all of us in the area will have to live with the consequences of that decision.

Councillor Ray Dawe demonstrated a clear understanding of the likely negative effects on Storrington when he gave the development control (south) committee a resounding reality check, warning of the increased number of cars that would come into Storrington and the impact that would have on the village’s air quality problems. Sadly, too many of his fellow councillors failed to heed his words.

Curiously, it seems that everyone agrees that Storrington’s traffic problems are in urgent need of remedial action. Yet the response from our elected representatives is to allow an application that will certainly make matters worse. No doubt they weighed the evidence and arguments carefully, and had to take many different factors into account. But the end result is that Storrington is going to get a whole lot more traffic. Something has gone badly wrong and Storrington is the fall guy.

Councillors now have to demonstrate a real understanding and regard for Storrington’s plight. Despite warnings, they have regrettably given the go-ahead to this huge development. We can only hope that they will now resist future applications that would heap further traffic misery on Storrington’s long-suffering roads and residents.


Chairman, Save Our Storrington, Nightingale Close, Storrington