Fundamental differences

The overlong, verbose, spiteful and preposterous letter from Denise Campbell about the Eye Project in Billingshurst (County Times August 9) fails to recognise a fundamental difference between the parish council and Billingshurst Community Partnership.

That is the fact that the parish council is formally elected by all of the parishioners according to law whereas the partnership is a self-appointed, self-perpetuating clique, responsible to no-one and answerable only to themselves.

Paragraphs seven to ten of her letter amount to an histrionic, repetitive rant that is demeaning to elected councillors, who must recognise that they have a legal duty to safeguard the assets of the parish and nurture the financial interest of its parishioners.

The council and its clerk are undoubtedly concerned about the welfare of young members of our community, but unlike Denise Campbell, are mindful of the interests of all residents of our village as exemplified by the Jubilee Fields facility, that is an amenity used by both young and old and which owes its existence to the wisdom and foresight of our parish council.

Denise Campbell should bear in mind somthing the Prime Minister said in the House of Commons recently to another scold, ‘Calm down dear, calm down’.


High Street, Billingshurst