Foolish way to spend our money

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Your report about a grant of £2,000 by Billingshurst Parish Council towards the cost of a Christmas market was decidedly upbeat (WSCT May 10) but does not reflect the views of many residents of the village.

By any standard, theses are perilous times financially and for the council to casually dissipate such a sum on something that is of interest to very few people, seems foolish in the extreme.

That money should have been saved for things that really matter and it is significant that the organisers of the Billifest failed to attract any vestige of sponsorship for this dreary and unimportant event.

Clearly, whose that were approached for a donation had more sense than our parish council but then, the parish council is giving away other people’s money whereas those solicited for funds were asked for money from their own resources.

Billingshurst Parish Council ought to behave in a more responsible matter in the present financial climate and try to avoid giving in to every whim the Billingshurst Community Partnership dreams up.

There are more important matters to deal with within the parish and our council could make a start by arranging to clear the accumulated filth from the verges of our local lanes, thereby emulating Southwater.


High Street, Billingshurst