Flying flag for commonsense over Southwater

I AM SURE I am one of many who would like to thank Dr Thwaites and the Keep Southwater Green campaign group for flying the flag of commonsense in the debate over a larger Southwater.

There may be a shortage of homes nationally, but why does that mean Southwater should suffer ever more expansion?

B.W. Laflin made the point last week in your letters column highlighting the existence of over 400 homes already in the Horsham area available for sale or rent.

This is before the estates planned in Broadbridge Heath and further afield in Billingshurst and Southwater are added to the tally.

My big beef with the whole idea is where are the jobs that will support such expansion? Have I missed something?

Have the Chinese chosen mid-West Sussex for a huge car plant? No they haven’t, and your paper and its jobs section tells the story of how few there are locally.

Beyond care homes and the odd office job, there is no big demand for people here.

Each home should have at least one breadwinner, and often two with the cost of mortgages today, so who are these homes going to attract?

If it isn’t people with a good local job, then is the hidden role to be that of releasing the burden of Brighton and Crawley and South London’s social housing estates?

I suspect it is, and local government should wise up to the fact.

This may sound a typical Nimby moan, but go and wander around some of these overcrowded estates, their shopping precincts, and parks, and see if you really want that on your doorstep.

Coming to a village near you!


Woodlands Way