Fitting tribute to WAAF

A MEMORIAL to the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) has recently been officially unveiled and dedicated at The National Memoriam Arboretum in Staffordshire.

This was entirely sponsored by WAAF Association members and a few generous donors. The memorial is in two shades of blue based on the badge of The WAAF showing, also, The King’s Crown Emblem.

This memorial will stand as a lasting memory to colleagues past and present and is a reminder of the invaluable contribution they made to this country during World War Two.

The WAAF was formed in 1939 to enable women to help in some of the trades so men could be released for flying duties and overseas service.

Surviving ex-WAAFs, mostly in their 80s now, can look back knowing they played an important and vital role during the war and, at that time, ground was laid that enables the young women of today in the RAF to have equality and freedom of choice.

The national WAAF Association is still in existence and welcomes ex-WAAF as full members and WRAF as associate members. Join today. Details from the secretary of the Horsham branch on 01293 534896.


Secretary, Horsham branch, WAAF Association

Caburn Heights, Crawley