Fight for care at university

I would like to thank this paper for their articles on my daughter Lucinda Ritchie’s fight for personal care at university.

Lucinda and I would also like to thank all the wellwishers who have stopped Lucinda when she has been out in her wheelchair, written and communicated with us in many other ways. We have been really touched by your support and encouragement.

Last week Lucinda received the results of her assessment from Social Services.

As there is no support from them at night or in the university, she is faced with the prospect of having to leave university before she starts her lectures.

She is being placed in the position where she is at risk from serious injury, or alternatively my husband, her father, will have to go down to the university halls to live.

This would have a serious impact on his heath and cause financial and other hardship to the remaining members of the family.

You may ask why we cannot move?

We cannot because this same local authority would take our autistic daughter’s place at her special needs school away after a few months.

Ever seemed between a rock and a hard place?

We do in Horsham!.


Badgers Close, Horsham