Fickle customers

SINCE Waitrose infiltrated Storrington I have been encouraged to shop there. I was shopping at Waitrose in Worthing but since I live in Findon Village it is actually just as easy (and more pleasurable) to go to the store in Storrington. I have also discovered that there are quite a few shops that I hadn’t found on previous visits into the village.

This brings me to my next point - should Waitrose grow too much this will mean the demise of some of the other shops. I’ve never had a problem parking in the current car park adjacent to Waitrose, not even at Christmas.

However, even before Waitrose arrived, travelling in and out of Storrington has often been very slow, with traffic queues forming going west at the mini roundabout at the B2139 and going east towards the A24. I have been in queues as far back as Water Lane!

Yes, the Storrington store is a fair bit smaller than in Worthing but it caters for most things and those that I can’t get there I go to Worthing for - I guess for those living north of the A283 they could go to the Horsham branch.

Obviously, the two-storey car park and new-build won’t affect my outlook as it will for a property owner in Storrington who probably chose that position for a reason and it won’t be for a view of a two-storey car park!

Storrington is supposed to be a village not a conurbation and, while I think that Mill Square is outdated in appearance and possibly Old Mill Drive would benefit from being pedestrianised (High Street end), I really don’t think anybody needs a two-storey car park nor Waitrose to demolish and rebuild - infill of the current vacant shops sounds a much better option to me for all the residents and shop owners.

If this redevelopment goes ahead, to Waitrose’s current plan, it could backfire as customers are fickle and if they can’t actually get to the shop easily they won’t bother going at all! The consequences of this are huge as you know, it won’t only affect Waitrose.


Ivy Arch Close, Findon