Festival dismay

I WOULD like to express my disappointment at the possible cancellation of the October Festival in Horsham.

I see this festival as a great way to encourage visitors to the town and is truly fitting for our historic market town.

My daughter, who is four years old, had a wonderful time on the rides during the festival and from the happy faces I witnessed, it seemed many others shared this fun and excitement.

I share the thought of other readers that the extra events planned for 2012 are to be one-off celebrations and therefore should not impact the existing popular family entertainment events the town has established by reputation.

I feel the market traders could relocate to the top of West Street in order to gain maximum customers and allow the Carfax area for the festival, as this only impacts for such a few days of the year.

I hope the council will be able to reach a satisfactory decision to please the traders and residents of Horsham in the coming weeks of the decision-making process.


Wordsworth Place, Horsham