‘Fairness’ for all our community?

County Hall leader Louise Goldsmith states (‘Campaigners fail to change county council’s ‘cruel’ stance on care cuts’, WSCT Online, October 22): “The balance is hard - whatever we give to one, we take away from another. The balance is to get fairness to all our community.”

Let’s take a closer look at this politician’s idea of ‘balance’ and ‘fairness’ in West Sussex.

Councillor Louise Goldsmith voted NOT to cut WSCC’s annual grant to Chichester Harbour Authority.

Ms Goldsmith just happens to be the chairman of Chichester Harbour Conservancy, and just happens to live close by to enjoy the benefits which the harbour offers.

An annual £16 levy on harbour dues, paid by the 10,000 boat-owners who use the harbour, would cover the cost of this WSCC grant - paid for by us the taxpayer.

Boat-owners, I suspect, have significantly more disposable income than the 4,500 disabled and elderly people targeted by the WSCC’s ruling elite - of which Ms Goldsmith is their leader.

Is this her idea of ‘balance’ and ‘fairness’?

Just go Ms Goldsmith - before someone has to march you out.


Lavington Close, Ifield