Fair play needed for Horsham town centre

I HAVE two comments to make over the publication of reactions to the plans for a Horsham town centre wine bar and cafeteria published in the June 2 issue of the County Times.

Firstly, the article overwhelmingly reflects the views of the supporters of this scheme. From and including paragraph five through to paragraph 14, you print approximately 12 column centimetres of the views of such supporters but only 1.5 column centimetres of the views of those opposing the scheme.

Where is the balanced reporting in that? There are a number of opposing views posted on Horsham District Council’s planning website that more expansively outline their opposing views and that could have been reported in greater detail.

Secondly, it is significant that the people referred to in your report are local business people, none of whom own up to living in the vicinity of the proposed scheme and who will therefore presumably not be affected seven days and nights per week by the noise, smoke and intrusions as will those who do live there and have commented on it.

I hope that when this scheme goes to council for debate, there is sufficient weight given to the views of local residents against the mass and what seems to be co-ordinated support by those who don’t live there.

I personally have no views on the proposal except to see fair play and respect for the views of all parties.


Springfield Crescent, Horsham