Fair hearing in a vital debate

Imagine a trial where one side in the absence of the other is able to PRIVATELY present its case in full to the judge and jury with no time restrictions and the chance to have a chatty question and answer sessions afterwards before proceeding to a formal hearing

At this stage, the other side who have previously only been able to make written submissions which neither the judge or jury are obliged to read, are limited to only THREE witnesses who are allowed strictly TWO MINUTES EACH verbally to present an opposing view.

The jury, in this case our councillors, then deliver their verdict which will impact on the lives of thousands of people for generations to come.

This would be manifestly unfair but EXACTLY represents the situation with the pending Berkleley application to build 2,750 houses west of Southwater towards Christs Hospital.

The people of Southwater have not been consulted, nor have our representatives, our parish councillors.

So much for ‘Localism’.

The arrogance of Horsham District Council in denying opponents an equal opportunity to have their say is breathtaking, patronising and totally undemocratic and chief executive Tom Crowley should be ashamed of his rejection of the Keep Southwater Green plea for a level playing field for this vital debate (County Times Comment August 30).

It smacks of Stalinism, a ‘We know what is best for you’ attitude, something which I never thought I would ever see from a Tory council in a so called democracy.


Woodfield, Southwater