Excellent service from business

In this age of negativity, I thought you might like to hear of a positive story concerning a business in your area.

About a year ago, I purchased stone slabs from DW Nye Ltd, of Dorking Road at Kingsfold, near Horsham, which, after nine months, gradually displayed pronounced discolouring in the large patio in which they had been set.

Nyes were called in to examine this unusual phenomenon which was probably the result of the presence of minerals in the stone.

The company replaced the stone without charge, paid for the labour, sourced a reputable company, Southern Landscapes, to effect the job of tearing up the old patio and laying the new stone. This was not a small job, the patio covers 70 square metres.

All this was done without hesitation, argument or wrangling. Their personnel were courteous and helpful at all times.

If you were only to mention the gist of this in your newspaper, it would go a long way in expressing my regard for this company.

It has been a pleasure dealing with people of integrity and I can recommend them to your readers.

With thanks. The new patio looks great!


Horse Hill, Norwood Hill, Horley, Surrey