Etiquette of flood encounters

Having been involved in the recent floods there seems to be a complete disregard by some drivers to the safety of the volunteers who were trying to help.

I would like to remind people of the etiquette when encountering a flood: If there are volunteers helping cars stuck in the water or trying to clear the drains do not drive through so fast that it creates a wave that comes over the top of their wellies.

This rule also applies to coach drivers driving through Wiston who seem to think that their school children waiting in the dry are more important than the safety of the flood volunteers.

The drivers of 4WDs should not try to soak everyone in the area with spray for “fun”.

If you are stranded in a flood and someone helps you out you must at the very least thank them profusely or even ask them if you can buy them a drink or offer them £5. If they really got you out of a mess you can offer them more!


Buncton Manor Farm, Wiston, Steyning