Enthusiastically off message

It is rare indeed for me to make common cause with a Tory but for once I have to admit I agree with Councillor Burgess, who so enthusiastically went off message by describing one of David Cameron’s flagship polices , the introduction of Police Commissioners, a ‘total waste of money’, as reported in last week’s County Times.

I fail to understand why at a time when the Tories in Westminster are busy slashing budgets including that of the police, that they feel the need to waste time and money on replacing a system, namely our police authorities with a new costly and all powerful commissioner?

Politicians have always felt the need to meddle with policing and rarely has this met with public approval.

I suspect that history will recall this latest experiment with our policing as yet another example of David Cameron’s misplaced judgement.

That said I will of course be voting for Godfrey Daniel, Labour’s candidate for the Police Commissioner here in Sussex.

Godfrey is a long standing member of the police authority and so would come to the role with a wealth of experience.

I want my Police Commissioner to focus on community based policing, to maintain the effort to rid our streets and neighbourhoods of anti-social behaviour and to work in partnership with our police force.

All of this is central to Labour’s campaign here in Sussex. Contrast this approach with that of the Tory Home Secretary, Theresa May, who is at constant loggerheads with the police service as she continues to reduce their strength.

How effectively would or could a Tory Commissioner for Sussex oppose cuts to frontline policing and ensure that we here in Sussex receive the resourced service we expect?


Chair, Horsham Labour Party, Clarence Road, Horsham