Enjoyable gathering

ON BEHALF of the Ferrari Owners Club of Great Britain and as co-organiser of Friday’s Piazza Italia, I would like to give a big thank you to all the people of Horsham and indeed from the South of England who came along to see the Ferraris at Piazza Italia on Good Friday.

As we arrived it was staggering to see the huge crowds lining the Carfax and East Street. It was lovely to see so many people smiling and for us it was really enjoyable to be able to chat about our Ferraris to so many interested and interesting people.

We were also very proud to bring in members of the Ferrari Owners Club, many travelling from all over England to take part, and show them ‘our’ Horsham.

Of the 98 Ferraris that took part and despite the sometimes fairly crowded areas, none left for home with more than an occasional fingerprint on them. Thank you everybody.

During the previous evening’s dinner at South Lodge Hotel at Lower Beeding, where the event started, we also raised a considerable donation for Chestnut Tree House and for the Help for Heroes charities.

Thank you Horsham, we will be back next Easter.


Area organiser, Sussex Ferrari and Piazza Italia co-organiser

The Street, Nutbourne, Pulborough