Embracing the future and electric cars

MAY I thank Sarah Page for her work in your splendid sister paper ‘The Advertiser’ which is a constant source of delight.

Recently one item (‘Shock over electric cars’, July 26) got me thinking.

The diesel car I presently drive was new in 1995. At that time few garages sold diesel fuel suitable for cars (City Diesel they called it), so one had to drive some distance sometimes out of one’s way to find a garage that sold it. So ‘range anxiety’ is not a new thing!

As we now know within a short time all vehicle makers were producing diesel versions, even Rolls Royce got in on the act! For many reasons development of the electric car has been delayed, but there is no doubt that today ‘we have the technology’!

Next year we are promised a whole range of electric cars in all price ranges, and let’s not forget the incentive of the government grant. Some models will be for self-charging, others on a replacement battery principle.

True, the electric car will never be the preferred choice for some. But for countless motorists who only do less than 100 miles a day, surely the electric car will be welcome.

Here in Cowfold, with around 1,800 vehicles an hour passing through, I welcome the arrival of the clean, quiet electric vehicle.

And before too long we shall be wondering why on earth we embraced the dirty smelly noise internal combustion engine for so long!


Fairfield Court, Cowfold