Election talk

THE LOCAL elections gave us an eventful week in Horsham district.

Not only did some council members increase their majorities, but the ruling party membership increased from 29 to 34.

Coming only one year after a general election and in the teeth of severe economic constraints, that was impressive.

Over the past four years our ruling group has held council tax rises to less than inflation and a zero rise has already been announced for this year.

That was achieved by a determined review of efficiency, the elimination of unnecessary expenditure, along with increased income from HDC’s assets. Now we have undertaken to freeze council tax for two years and then hold it to inflation or less.

Your Conservative council has helped Horsham to maintain its place as one of the most popular UK locations in which to live, with one of the lowest district council tax levels in the South East and we will do all that we can to keep it that way.

With ever reducing government grants, we will have to find even more cost effective ways of providing services. However, because of the vote of confidence received on Thursday, along with the injection of new experience and enthusiasm from an impressive group of new councillors, we are well equipped to meet that challenge.

Our appreciation goes out, not only to the hard work of our association, but to all of those residents and supporters, particularly those in Chanctonbury, who helped us to get to this position, enabling us to build on the successes of the past four years. Many thanks to all of you.




Conservative Horsham district councillors for Chanctonbury ward

North Street, Horsham