Effects of a poor forecast

It has always been very hard to listen to depressing, negative weather forecasting. On a national level, forecasts are delivered with little or no concern for anyone who may be affected by inclement weather.

The worst that can happen as far as forecasters are concerned is that a brolly may have to be utilised to and from work!

But from a business point of view, accurate and positive forecasts can make the difference between attracting customers or not. The public pay good attention to these forecasts before they embark on a day out in the country for the family.

Over the years I have come to reluctantly accept negative forecasting with the realisation that for the majority of people rain is of little concern, and does not hugely affect their lifestyle.

However, I was dismayed by your forecast in the County Times last week entitled ‘Rain heading our way… again’, depicting rain on Friday, Saturday and all day Sunday.

As you may recall, last weekend was glorious with prolonged sunshine both days. This is a rural area, and forecasts are important to us. If reasonably accurate weather forecast information is not available for the weekend when the paper goes to print on a Wednesday, then please don’t print a forecast for the weekend.


Owner, Fishers Farm Park, Newpound Lane, Wisborough Green