Dreadful road muck

I HAVE contacted the highways department at West Sussex County Council to report the continuing problem with the mud and filth being dumped onto the roundabout at Hop Oast near Horsham.

The development works on the site on the corner have been going on for what seems like aeons and one does expect a bit of disruption when such works are in progress.

However, these past few weeks have been particularly dreadful.

The mud and filth being carted off the site onto the road and roundabout is unacceptable and does not appear to be being cleaned at a rate that makes it acceptable or safe.

The gentleman in the highways department told me that the police should be monitoring such things and said he’d ensure the appropriate people would be notified.

On May 10 I actually avoided using that road/junction because I had, yet again, had to have my car cleaned and didn’t want to get it caked up with that horrid mud yet again.

Surely someone is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of that site. I’ve seen the huge trucks going in and out and they are just covered in mud.

I think as council tax payers we should be able to expect clean and safe roads to drive on.


Bamborough Close