Draconian clamp on car parking

I refer to West Sussex County Council’s proposed residents’ parking scheme and waiting restrictions for Billingshurst.

Why are they proposing such draconian measures, when there are only two problems within the village?

Firstly, the inside bend of Station Road, exacerbated morning and afternoons at school times. A common-sense solution would be, double yellow lines around the corner.

The other problem being the exit of the library car park, here again double yellow lines on all four corners would solve the problem.

But of course, this would deny generating funding for WSCC, which is what the scheme is all about.

Personally I can never understand, being a rural community, why we cannot have car parking on one side of the High Street. This works wonders in both Steyning and Henfield and they are prospering.

Another common-sense idea would be to turn the old coal yard (near the station), along with the scrubland belonging to Weald School, into a car park, which would then serve approximately 150 vehicles.

It is all very well promoting the village’s railway station when attracting developers to build in Billingshurst, but it would be nice for some of the planning gain, to pay for a car park (essential infrastructure), whereas usually the monies go mainly to the Weald School, plus funding for self-appointed unelected bodies that are often seen as interfering in what is best for the village.

Perhaps on May 2 we should choose somebody living in the centre of the community, who would be better placed to understand what is needed.


High Street, Billingshurst