Don’t throw away a priceless asset

I HAVE read with great concern of the proposal to close the Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre in 2012.

This is a wonderful facility that is used extensively by a large number of local residents and by many from further afield, and its closure would have a significant negative impact on the clubs, groups and individuals who have come to depend on and value the facilities provided.

Of what use will the K2 Leisure Centre be to clubs such as Horsham Blue Star Harriers and other sporting groups which, having waited many years for a good local facility, are now faced with having it snatched away from them? For the athletes, will it be back to the days of no permanent base, with roads and a bumpy grass track as the only available options? What of the many other groups that will be left with no viable home?

This proposal vividly illustrates the myopic thinking of the money men and the bean counters who seem so often to know the cost of everything but the value of nothing.

The Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre is of inestimable benefit to a local community that desperately needs the facilities to remain for the use and enjoyment of this and future generations, and the thought of losing such a priceless asset to yet more ‘development’ is unthinkable.

Horsham District Council and those responsible for this regressive and ill considered proposal should think again.

Spending the money necessary to bring the facilities up to scratch would be a relatively small ‘spend’ within the overall financial budget.

Yes: these are difficult financial times, but don’t throw away such a priceless asset, the loss of which would have a significant and ongoing detrimental impact on the lives of the many who depend on its continuing existence.


Hillside, Horsham