Don’t concrete over countryside

CONGRATULATIONS on highlighting concerns about the Government’s attitude towards development (Editorial Comment column September 8).

We all want to avoid ‘concreting over the countryside’.

A particular local concern is the suggestion that Muggeridge Field in Horsham should be sold off for housing. My impression is (correct me if I am wrong) that local residents are strongly against it, that our local Conservative Horsham District Council is against it, but that the more distant Conservative West Sussex County Council is for it. And now there is no Labour Government to blame for the planning laws.

We watch with trepidation. Forget for a moment the technical niceties and who is going to make lots of money out of it, what we want to know is whether local opinion will prevail.

Because, if planning permission were by some mischance to be granted, there seems little point in voting Conservative when local wishes on local matters can be over-ridden by more remote groups of the same political party.


Queensway, Horsham