Do not use children as pawns in political games

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As a resident of Billingshurst of more than 40 years and one whose children went to the local primary, junior and secondary schools, I was saddened to see the report on very young children being used to write to the Secretary of State for Education for more funding.

Children of this age go to school to learn to write, read and do mathematics and hopefully to communicate with each other, not to be the representatives of the views teachers.

We recently saw older, teenage children ‘striking’ about climate change. It is good and only right that young people should be concerned about what we do to the our planet and the environment, but what were they doing abusing the Prime Minister and cheering for Jeremy Corbyn. Not many 15 year olds that I know have the slightest interest in politics and again it was abundantly clear that the views of teachers was being expressed and for me this is an abuse of their position and a threat to the future of our country.

If the teachers think things are bad now, wait until we have had a year or two of Jeremy Corbyn and his sidekick John McDonnell. I have lived through the Socialist Governments of Wilson and Callaghan and Blair and Brown and every time it has ended in disaster, with the country on the verge of bankruptcy

So please, teach our children discipline and respect, for themselves, for others and for our planet, but do not use them as pawns in your political games.

Robert Bishop

Broomfield Drive, Billingshurst