Disrespectful coverage

The feature article about the Billingshurst EYE project (County Times July 19) implies that ‘furious village residents’ have described the Billingshurst Parish Council as an ‘unstable beast’. Who exactly are these disrespectful residents?

I understand that this was actually a comment made by the disappointed leader of the EYE project, John Griffin, and has somehow been given quite undeserved prominence as a headline and has been inaccurately attributed to a wider group. Such a questionable standard of reporting of the Billingshurst Parish Council meeting (July 11) does the County Times no favours.

Furthermore, the reporting is quite unacceptably onesided. Although I was not at the meeting, I understand that reasons were given for the postponement decision, and that at least one resident spoke in favour of the retention of open space land. There is no reference to such representations.

The two page coverage is devoted almost entirely to the contributions of nine supporters of the EYE request for use of parish council land.

While comments and opinions are, of course acceptable, there is surely a responsbility for reporters to present the facts in an accurate and respectful manner .


Forge Way, Billingshurst