Dismay over a derelict eyesore

Regarding the site at the junction of Littlehaven Lane and Crawley Road in Horsham, this site owned by the Guinness Trust is an ongoing blight on the centre of Roffey. The parish council is dismayed at the lack of progress in returning this derelict eyesore to productive use.

Why has the centre of the community of Roffey been so neglected for so long?

The community has encouraged, cajoled, written letters, complained, set up meetings, demanded action and generally agitated to get things changed on this site.

So far we have achieved a hideous pink then blue hoarding. Perhaps it is time that the Guinness Trust was put under pressure to improve an untidy site. Horsham District Council was successful in getting the offices at Horsham Gates demolished after a fire and I understand that the area may soon be returned to some use for car parking.

Perhaps this model could be used, as extra parking outside the Roffey Millennium Hall. It would at least be of some benefit to the locality and may even be of some economic benefit to the local traders.


Chairman, North Horsham Parish Council, Crawley Road, Horsham