Devastating fate for West Sussex

Your letters
Your letters

Why the rush? Just two days notice given for such a major, area changing motion to support Gatwick expansion?

With the Government not voting until 2019 why did West Sussex county councillors need to vote before Gatwick had submitted plans?

How can such an important and devastating decision be made so quickly and taken so lightly when so much of West Sussex and East Surrey will be affected?

What was the urgency?

Have councillors identified where all the mass housing, required to accommodate the labour, will go?

Where and who will pay for all the new roads required to accommodate the passenger and migration of staff traffic?

How will the infrastructure, that is already struggling to cope with the growing population, that of GPs, lack of hospitals and schools, deal with such demands?

The cost of the huge blight of vast areas of Sussex and the devaluing homes?

And the huge environmental impact that such a monster will cause?

Have all these subjects been addressed and where are the answers please?

The residents should have been consulted especially in the areas to be blighted before such a vote was undertaken.

The councillors who voted blindly in favour of such an expansion should be named so residents can know who has just sealed West Sussex’s devastating fate.

My photograph shows you do not have to be on the flight path to suffer.

The picture was taken with a camera phone of planes, from 8.30am all day every five minutes, arriving at Gatwick, from homes not on the flight path but that will now be on the flight path and blighted by this decision!


Mayes Lane, Warnham